SPOILERS AHEAD OKAY just in case you’re not caught up

oh shit I for real can’t pick from the entire series but I’m watching the last episode of season 6 (for the 23th time) so Ima pick top 5 moments from there bc it was full of great moments omg okay:

5.  Dany naming Tyrion hand of the Queen (so beautiful such a good scene I cry)

4. Arya getting revenge on the Freys

3. Dany’s army finally sailing to Westeros (that scene where Drogon flies over and the music is so good and Dany just chilling up there with her little squad and FUCKCCC) so epic 

2. L + R = J FINALLY CONFIRMED I KNEW IT FROM THE BEGINNING I’M SO HAPPY when they showed the flashback at the beginning of the season I knew Jon was gonna be confirmed a Targaryen like holyylyllyy shit I love it so much