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Itachi Uchiha

Itachi can let people down easy, that’s no problem. He doesn’t really believe in creating bad blood between people when it’s not necessary. So if he didn’t like her like that, he’d just tell her that he didn’t feel the same way

He wouldn’t punish her for the confession though. He wouldn’t try to distance himself because of it, even if it did seem awkward sometimes. If she started distancing herself though, he’d only try to go out of his way to save the relationship for so long before he let her go. Because really, while he’d try to save it just to let her know like ‘Hey this doesn’t have to change anything’, there’s only so much he can do before he overdoes it. And that’s the last thing he’d want to do, because that might be leading her on with false hope

If she didn’t take his ‘rejection’ lightly, and she started being too awkward or even resentful? Maybe a little too clingy? Itachi would have the opposite reaction. It’s then that he might distance himself, trying not to run into her or interact with her as much. He’ll still want to let her down as easy as possible, but if she’s not cooperating then hey, he might have to be a little harsh

•He’d be reasonable though, and if it came down to it, he’d have a serious talk with her. Just to tell her that he really meant it when he didn’t reciprocate the feelings and that if she coudln’t handle that, he can’t help it