LMAOOOO oh shit this is such a late response my bad, let me see fam lemme put this under the cut because this long asf lmfaoooooo

First of all let me say I have done some risky stuff that’s nsfw but i’m not sure if you hoes are ready for that, so in general: 

me and my friends are smoking right (back in my smoking days before my mom found out and made me quit that’s a p funny story ask me about it later) and we got this blunt okay, and we’re hot boxing. I’m so far gone fam I can barely see straight and apparently I was trying to tie both my friends’ hair together BUT anyway, turns out we’re parked in front of the entrance to this really big estate, like we’re outside a gate that we didn’t see bc it was so dark. Someone pulls up, gets out, and comes to the car. My headass friend must’ve been more gone than I was bc he just like, sticks the blunt in his mouth okay. I remember it so vividly this dude had no fear, was halfway gone so it wasn’t a big blunt but still he just popped it right in, and that didn’t help at all because we’re hot boxing so as soon as he rolls down the window my dude on the outside gets a face full of dank

turns out this dude is the son of whatever rich guy lives up in the estate and he’s p cool, he actually jokes around about hooking us up with some more stuff, so my friend just burned a hole in the roof of his mouth for no reason alright. But a little while later someone comes down from the estate and we panic bc the dude thinks it’s his dad or sister or even security. So we’re losing our shit trying to get out of there and the car won’t start. One of my friends must have really lost it bc he jumps out of the car and runs off into the woods okay so that leaves 4 of us left in this car all tryna figure out what to do bc we’re not supposed to be smoking anyway, and if Mr. Richdude comes down and sees us smoking he might accuse us of corrupting his darling son and calling the police or something like that right, so we don’t know what to do at all we just don’t know, so we all end up running out of the car and jumping into the woods okay. I’m scared as shit bc I don’t like these nature noises all around me and my friend is talking about how much his mouth hurts and he’s pissing me off and it’s a mess. Security comes down, ends up looking around, but the son covers for us and says he just found this car here and doesn’t know whose car it is. (Later this dude became our homie and he told us he said something like “I don’t know maybe they’re camping I saw a little fire in the woods on my way up here” or something like that). So we’re waiting in the woods, just the 4 of us because friend #5 is nowhere to be seen (apparently he was taking a piss pretty far out into the woods and he called us later so he was okay) but we keep waiting for this damn security dude to leave and go back up to the house so we can get the car and dip. They might have called the cops but we don’t know, and we were scared they were gonna take down the license or something but it was okay, they ended up leaving and we went out and started the car again and left and were really mad bc we didn’t have any weed left thanks to my dude who ate the entire blunt