•It’s more likely that his s/o would drag him out somewhere and even then, it’s either not going to be very fun or he just wouldn’t agree to going at all. He’d only go through with it if he had something to gain, because otherwise, he’d think it was a little silly, and kind of out of the ordinary for him

•Hypothetically speaking, if he did agree to go, he’d either be annoyed the whole time, or he’d only endure it for so long until just kinda disappearing. Just wouldn’t stick around for long, bc he might start to feel kinda of awkward? He’d be quiet and to himself too. He’s so used to sticking to the shadows if he’s scoping someone/something out, and is only okay with being out in the open when he wants to be

•Maybe he’d take the opportunity to do just that though, try to survey some possible competition or ‘prey’, which is probably what won’t make it very fun for his s/o, because they won’t keep his attention for long if he finds something/someone interesting