So just a little update on what I’m currently working on:

I have like 10 more headcanon requests to get to before I open the box again

Currently working on the Sasori fic for the 500 follower prompt special. Part 1 is written, currently working on Part 2 

After that I have a Chrollo prompt and Grimmjow prompt (but the requester of the Grimmjow prompt is revising the prompt for me since it’s quite difficult to write, so that will take longer to get out since I’m still waiting to see what I get to write!)

I also have like 2 regular scenario requests that I haven’t put out yet (requested by some close friends who told me I could take as long as I needed but I promise I’ll get those out soon I promise omg)

Also take note I start college in 3 weeks and holy shit I’m pretty nervous. I’ll probably make a post soon about the future of this blog, just to give y’all a heads up and get some stuff sorted out