Kimimaro SFW

•He’d treat his close friends/s/o like they were fragile tbh, very gently and rather cautiously. It’s not so much a bad thing, he just doesn’t quite know how to convey any intimate feelings, or affectionate feelings either. So it would probably come off as more of a protective type of thing, hence why he’d be kinda ‘careful’ around them

•If they prompted him, he’d open to his s/o about his thoughts and feelings, but otherwise, he pretty much keeps to himself. He’s more likely to inquire about his s/o’s life, it’s part of that whole protection thing, he wants to make sure they’re okay and nothing is bothering them because any turmoil they have will slowly become his own, and he’d be a very dedicated partner, so his s/o should expect him to be a little intrusive at times

•If his s/o really wanted something, like they were trying to hint that they wanted to snuggle up with him or kiss him or anything like that (especially some nsfw stuff), they’d have to be extremely forward, because those things kind of go over Kimimaro’s head

.•When it comes to having a relationship with him while he’s devoted to Orochimaru, that would be quite difficult. He wouldn’t really gauge who was more important, it would be on his mind sometimes but he’d get confused/upset thinking about it, though somewhere deep down, it’ll honestly be Orochimaru. His s/o should just expect him to put some of his other priorities before them sometimes, but he’ll still care for them deeply

•His idea of enjoying time with a s/o is mostly sitting around together, even if it’s in silence—though he’d much prefer they speak and tell him about something, rather than trying to think of something meaningful and interesting on his own