Lmaoooooo let’s see, I have a few in this post from my old blog so some of these will go off of that


•Renji isn’t good at acting. Doesn’t matter if he’s lying, trying to hide something, he just can’t do it. It’s mostly because he just sucks at it, but inside, he starts feeling guilty. And halfway through he starts messing up bad because he’s fighting this weird conflict of morality

•He sucks at simple logic, if that makes sense. Like for example, would sit outside of his car for twenty minutes ”locked out of his car” trying to find his keys before realizing he’s left them in the ignition, and the car door was already unlocked he just hadnt bothered to check bc he was so focused on not having his keys. Stuff like that and simple math too. Like he knows his time tables up to like 6 and after that he’s done

•Sucks at chess, or really any other board game. He over thinks it, actually he’d overthink simple games likes Chutes & Ladders but would do random shit when it came to chess or shogi