I’m gonna do rough sex headcanons bc I need that

Tobirama rough sex

•Lots of hair pulling, not hard enough to really really hurt but hard enough to pull his partner’s head back 

•More likely to take his partner from behind when it’s really rough, though he can do anything face-to-face just the same. But his expression will be intense and almost intimidating at times. He’d occasionally get this little smirk on his face though just because rough sex really gets him riled up

•You know he can go fast, no doubt about it, but rough sex with him is probably composed of really deep and hard thrusts

•Might hold his partner down in some way, not anything too domineering, something like holding their hands above their head or pinning their arms to their side

•When he’s going rough, it’s difficult for him to really plan ahead and decide how exactly he’s going to finish, so it’s more than likely that he’s coming inside 

Madara rough sex

•Lots of taunting. It’s his form of teasing but it gets pretty serious. When he’s fucking them, he’ll just be glaring at them and taunting them with stuff like ‘I like the way you look like this’ and ‘Show me why I should let you come’

•Grabs their chin/face a lot when he’s making sure they’re looking at him, because he needs that eye contact to feel like he’s dominating them 

•Also likes holding his partner down, mostly by their neck or their arms. A typical position for Madara is when he’s taking them from behind and presses them down into the mattress/ground/wherever by the neck

•Doesn’t really think about oral during rough sex, but right when he’s about to come, he might think about it and pull them down so he can come on them, especially goes for facials. He likes the way it looks and gets caught up in the whole dominating aspect. But he’s more likely to finish inside of them for the same reason