I have a random urge to do modern Au headcanons (hxh is pretty modern but anyway non-hxh verse okay) and also imagine her as her canon self or pre-deformation, either way:


•Would obviously have some sort of job dealing with music. Could be a simple, nice job as a music teacher, probably at a middle school or elementary school because I think she really likes kids, and likes sharing music with them because most of them are pretty open and interested in just about anything at a young age

•She’d still be very good at soothing/reading people. She’d be the type of teacher who could tell if one of her students was having a rough time even if they weren’t open about it, same thing with her friends. She’d just a very comforting person to have in your life and I bet people would think that she was a psychology major with the way she deals out the great advice

•When it comes to her relationship with Kurapika, maybe they were old friends from college or something? And he works close to her school/they live near each other? So they try to keep in touch, and would get together whenever they both had free time for tea or something

•She actually learned how to play lots of instruments when she was younger, and might play some instruments even better than she plays the flute, but she just prefers the sound of the flute over anything else. It’s soothing and really just her favorite