I’m gonna just do SFW because with the royal guard I feel like they’re kinda dark enough when it comes to NSFW, if that makes sense? And I’ve already done some NSFW for them. Also under the cut because this stuff is dark and might be a little upsetting to some


•Very good at manipulating, in a way that makes it almost imperceptible and natural. It’s not so much a guilt tripping type of thing, though it’s more like Pitou would nudge you in a certain direction and almost make decisions for you, just to get what they want  

•And sometimes if they don’t get what they want, they really tune in to intimidation. They won’t outright threaten you, though they’ll make it clear that they’re not happy with the way you’re acting and that if you don’t watch out, you’ll make them ‘really mad’

•You’ll rarely find that Pitou has it in them to comfort and take care of their partner really. Like if you’re having a bad time, Pitou really can’t comfort you. They don’t know how, they don’t really want to know how either, because it’s probably a nuisance and they don’t bother with acceptable and appropriate approaches to those sort of things


•Lacks any ability to be emotionally supportive, maybe even physically? Like he’d just never be there. He’d easily wander off from you because he’s either uninterested or he doesn’t care about you that much. And even if you said something to him he’d just be like oh, and would do it again next time

•Will talk down to you a lot if you get on his nerves. Condescend you, reprimand you, and not even calculating things, just random things he doesn’t like about you or that he’s noticed. He doesn’t have a filter when it comes down to it

•When he’s mad enough, his temper is dangerous. Honestly not afraid of using physical force to move you or get rid of you when he’s not in the mood to deal with anything. And he’s not one to apologize afterward, he’d consider your fault for not knowing better


•Very possessive and paranoid about almost anything, so he’s much more likely to intimidate and scare you when he’s concerned about losing you. It’s easy to work him up and get his mind racing with bad thoughts and doubts

•Pouf is also very manipulative, and will pick at your insecurities when he’s trying to get you to bend to his will. It’s obviously no task for him to read people, to see what they’re thinking and what will hurt them the most. He’d have no problem using that against you if it came down to it

His insecurities are also a big problem. If he thinks you’re not as devoted to him as you once were he’s going to make a hugeeee deal about it, and try to make you feel guilty and try to pull an explanation out of you. He just gets so paranoid about it, and really blows things out of proportion