Shoot really isn’t going to know how to act, because it might startle him a little and he’s just going be thinking oh no oh no oh no. He’s all for being playful, but he’ll struggle between just letting them win or putting a little effort into it just so it doesn’t look like he’s completely helpless. But he wouldn’t want to push too hard or something and hurt them on accident, so it’s like?? What should he do??? He’ll be pretty anxious tbh, poor Shoot

Machi’s not about to let her s/o win so easily, though she’ll tease them a little and entertain their struggle. Machi’s pretty strong, so if she was stronger than them, that’s when she’d definitely play around with them for a little and let them feel like they were winning. But then she’d get serious, and if she wanted to win, she probably could. Like once she wraps those legs around you it’s over. Great thighs, strong thighs, 10/10

Kite’s not the type who’s all about about fun and games in the relationship so he might be a little thrown for a loop at first, not sure how to react out of fear of seeming to silly. But with a little coercion and teasing, he’d get into it. But he’d definitely let them win, at some point choosing just to lie back and let them straddle him, telling them that he’s ‘pretty worn out’