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Madara Uchiha

•At first Madara’s going to take a step back and consider it for a while, try to figure out if it’s even worth attempting, try to figure out a proper way to approach the situation without making a fool out of himself. Ultimately, he’ll take a determined, obstinate route, and convince himself that he has to at least try. The ‘forbidden fruit’ implications that would go along with trying to court someone of higher status would also be a huge motivation for him, because it’s kind of dangerous but it’s a challenge, and he loves challenges

•Once he actually got to approach them, he wouldn’t be too forward. He’d try his best to give off a proper, but firm demeanor? Like, he’d try be as reserved as he could, but he’d want to get his point across without much delay. Depending on how she took it, he could even further his small talk into actual flirting, but even that would be simple and not overwhelming

•If she didn’t react well to it, Madara is still gonna try. When he wants someone he wants them, so he’d adopt that sly and mysterious demeanor to try and draw them in, really trying for seduction off the bat because he knows given her social status, he might not get multiple opportunities to do this

•If she was haughty, and treated him with disdain or anything close to it because of her higher status, he might not want to pursue anything, but it could also turn into one of those “hate slowly turns into love” relationships, where all they do is antagonize and snap at each other until later down the line the tension (definitely sexual tension) just becomes too much to ignore