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Byakuya definitely tries to remain stoic as possible, in which case his brows will just furrow and he’ll grit his teeth. But when he can’t hold back, his eyes squeeze shut, and when he’s relaxing and coming down from the high, he gets that typical open mouth ‘O’ shape, and sometimes he’ll bite his lip 

Renji kinda has goofy orgasm faces, usually when he really can’t help it. He gets that droopy eyed, dazed look, and his mouth falls open, almost looks like he’s about to drool. His head will fall back too. When it’s really really intense orgasms, he’ll have a really strained face, just tense and hard, brows furrowed, eyes squeezed shut

Kenpachi’s orgasm faces are a matter of circumstance tbh. Sometimes he won’t be that expressive. He’ll get a little pleased grin on his face, but that’s it. When he’s really into it though, he gets this really intense look; lips curled back into something that looks like a snarl, his eyes will sometimes squeeze shut but he’ll often have them right open