Well, I’ll be 100% honest: it can be very difficult to follow what people write if their English isn’t easy to understand. But for the most part, I think you can get the general idea across. I find when it comes to headcanons, grammar and how proficient you are at English isn’t a huge factor, but still like I said, it can be difficult to even understand what’s going on if it’s all over the place. It’s probably mostly scenarios and in-depth writing that will be the most difficult part, but just from seeing you write, I think you’d be fine, go for it!

omg I am very flattered but very sorry, my heart belongs to another )))): he’d be devastated if he knew I ran off with an anon from my blog

Hmmmm to be quite honest, I’ve never hoed for either of them. I forgot Iruka was even a person, and he never really made an impression one me. Gai is my dude but I don’t hoe for him :/ sorry about that