LMAOOOOO so funny, I’ll do a little mix of sfw and nsfw, and thanks b!


•Definitely a happy drunk, though a little mix of a sad sensitive drunk too. He’s all exuberant and laughing with a big goofy smile on his face but then an hour later he could start to cry because he’ll start thinking about how he once killed a spider and felt really bad about it, anything will make him cry 

•He’s a very touchy drunk, always pulling people into hugs and throwing his arms around them, getting into people’s face too. You might have to pry him off because that grip is amplified x10 when he’s drunk

•Definitely the type to just go on a long rant about how much he loves everyone and how everyone is great and that he just loves people

•Gotta drag him home afterward because he passes out so fast 

•He might honestly be too goofy to get into anything nsfw when he’s drunk. Like you can try, but he’ll start a laughing fit that won’t end, and it’s like he’s ridiculously ticklish because anywhere you touch him will just get him laughing even harder

•He wouldn’t have the focus to be able to do any work either. If you can manage then you’d have to be on top or in control, that’s like the only way sex will be decent, and if he even comes, he’ll fall asleep .2 seconds afterward 


•He has high tolerance so tipsy Tobirama isn’t that bad, but the more alcohol he gets the more you’ll see the signs. He’s a mix of an angry drunk and a sad drunk, and not so much a happy drunk, but just really loopy and loose

•He’s more prone to laughing, and at things that really aren’t funny. He’ll also drift off and look like he’s in his own world a lot of the time. When it comes to being an angry drunk, he just gets irritated over the dumbest things, like someone looking at him for too long, or he’ll literally just remember how much he hates Madara or something and then he’s all grumpy

•It does get quite depressing when he’s in one of his sad drunk moods. He thinks about his brothers, thinks about how the ninja world is pretty much shit, just thinks about lots of sad things, has lots of regrets. He’ll voice these thoughts only sometimes, but would keep quiet if he noticed he was scaring/worrying people

•Awful hangovers just absolutely awful. Don’t even go near him 

•Since he’s still probably cognizant enough when he’s drunk, sex isn’t such a bad thing with him, but he might not want it that often. He doesn’t like the idea of getting into sex that he probably won’t remember the next day, or sex where he’s a little susceptible and vulnerable

•But when he’s in one of those loose loopy moods he’s just really flirty omg it’s so bad. He’d be all in your face trying to kiss you and get close to you and he just won’t go away he’s so persistent. He’d try to be smooth too and whisper stuff in your ear but you’d probably understand like 10% of what he’s saying because he probably doesn’t even know what he’s saying. Will give up after a while though and probably pass out 


•You won’t be able to tell that the alcohol is getting to him immediately. He could go the entire night without any signs of being drunk and then when it’s time to leave he’s like “Okay, I’m going home” then stand from his chair and lose balance and fall almost immediately

•He’s actually a quiet drunk, kind of scary sometimes. Just seems so unresponsive. Looks like he’s sleeping sometimes because his eyes are closed and he just looks so dead

•At his worst, he could be a very volatile drunk. Any little thing will set him off and he could start arguments and start just roasting people out of nowhere, people he doesn’t even know. It’s crazy. You gotta hold Madara back 

•If his you’re looking especially alluring to him that night in his drunken state then he could easily get turned on. It’s just a matter of time before his lost inhibitions turn him into a horny drunk. He won’t always be that way, just if he really can’t help it and you catch him in a particular mood

•Venture into nsfw endeavors with drunk Madara if you dare. It’s not too bad, but he’s much more domineering than usual. He doesn’t really think about the right way to go about things so he’d just focus on coming and might not pay attention to making sure his partner gets the same treatment. Sometimes he will, but he’s kind of sloppy and out of it