~I didn’t really understand it at first but after thinking about it, I really do think it’s because I’m pretty open with my opinions on imagines blogs in general (even though it’s only been tips on how to run blogs, nothing that ever says I condone hate and invite people to come lay their hate on me???) and I’m just generally like, open to lots of things, and yes passive too? I don’t know, but I feel really really really bad about it now lmao like really bad and very guilty about it. I don’t want people thinking I condone anon hate because I don’t it’s petty and awful. But I do really think it’s my fault this is happening now and I pretty much feel like shit lmao. I just don’t want anyone to think I’m okay with people coming to me with these messages, and I’m sorry if I ever made it seem that way and if I really did do anything to make people leave me these messages

~To the second anon, thank you, I appreciate that. I really wish people just weren’t so mean