Itachi Uchiha

•He’d highly appreciate it if his s/o tried to keep him in high spirits, though he wouldn’t want her to force it or go out of her way for his sake. At the same time, he wouldn’t want to discourage her either, so he probably wouldn’t say anything about that

•Smiling really will be his thing. Just looking at her, smiling at her, thinking about how grateful he is. It’s not often he’s going to express that with words, so she’d be able to tell when he was encouraged by her efforts

•However, there is an amount of silly that might start to nauseate Itachi, though his s/o would probably be able to tell what his threshold was for those sort of things

•When he needed a pick-me-up, he wouldn’t really know how to ask her to help. He doesn’t think there’s any easy way to tell her like “hey do that thing you do” so he’d mostly get his point across by staying relatively quiet around her until she got the hint that he needed a little cheering up