Oooh this is interesting! I’ll do my best! xx


  • Kakashi would be very surprised and would admire and care for his crush even more after learning that they are deaf, as life can be extra difficult for them yet they solider through it.  
  • Lip reading would be a problem because of his mask so hand signs would be the main method of communication Kakashi uses. Being a ninja, he’d pick up sign language very quickly as he’s used to making hand signs. When no one else is around, he’d remove his mask so they can read his lips. 
  • He’d leave anonymous little notes around their place saying things like “you’re beautiful” and “have a nice day”. 
  • He would become extra protective of them after learning about their disability. Even if they can take care of themselves, he will always keep a watchful eye on them.  


  • Like Kakashi, he’d become very protective of his crush after finding out they are deaf. 
  • His main method of communication would be lip reading but he wouldn’t mind repeating it in sign language if they don’t understand. Sometimes he actually gets slightly self conscious by the fact that his crush is staring at his lips, but quickly dismisses it as they only do it to understand what he’s saying.   
  • The disability really wouldn’t be an issue for Sasuke as he is more a man of action then words anyway. He wouldn’t tell his crush that he liked them, but would make little spontaneous gestures like sliding his fingers gently over their hand, or tucking a stray piece of hair behind their ear and walking away all flustered like nothing happened.