Levi Ackerman

•He won’t change that much even with the presence of his family. He’ll still be blunt and kind of an asshole sometimes, but more in an affectionate way? Like say his kid(s?) draw him pictures and they’re awful and he’s just looking at them like “This is the ugliest shit I have ever seen in my life. Here give them to me we can frame them” Asshole, but caring.

•He’s not always for family time, but when he is, he’s stern. Makes them all sit down at the table and eat together. Will try to make small talk, interesting stuff, but he fails every time. It’s up to the kids or his s/o to keep things fun. He highly appreciates his s/o steering him in the right direction when it comes to affection and how to not be a boring father, because Levi’s idea of fun is probably like, cleaning

•And there will be designated cleaning days. Everybody better grab a broom because they’re cleaning the entire house with him whether they like it or not. No one leaves until the house is spotless. He’d be lenient with the kid(s) eventually, giving in and telling them they can have a break or finish later. Sometimes Levi’s s/o will help them sneak out of the house so they don’t have to clean and Levi gets pissed 

•He’s very very protective of his family. No one’s messing with his kids or his s/o. Most people will honestly learn not to because they know, they don’t want trouble from Levi. He’ll like sit outside his house while his kids play in the street to make sure no one messes with them, or else they’re getting that little Levi glare and that’s enough to send people the other day

•That being said, if his kids every got into fights, he wouldn’t blow up about it. If they came home with a black eye he’d just be like “Shit the other guy better look worse than you kid” Which will probably lead to Levi teaching them basic self-defense. And his s/o will not be happy about it because Levi is a ruthless teacher and teaches dirty, underhanded stuff