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Itachi Uchiha

•While Itachi is definitely someone who’s not stifled by clan ties, and would never let the Uchiha name deter him from something he wanted, he might not go out of his way to try and declare his love for the girl because he knows it would cause strife. Not just with his parents, but with the clan. He wouldn’t want people to look down on his family because they couldnt keep their unruly son in check or anything like that

•But he wouldn’t agree to his father’s idea and go through with an arranged marriage either, so he’d decline that, even at the risk of his father’s anger

•So he’d keep seeing the girl, but would be much more low key about it, to protect them both. The last thing he wants is for her to be dragged into drama so he really would have to cut down the time that he was with her. Would be meeting in secret of course, and keep up appearances in public so they only look like acquintances

•If Fukgaku found out, Itachi wouldn’t try to cover it up. He’d be honest, but he’d defend himself and his girl too. I’m sure Fugaku would go on about Itachi’s duties to his clan, and how the Uchiha shouldn’t be tarnished by an outsider possibly coming in to the family, but Itachi would remain determined and would simply tell his father that he could continue to serve the clan and the village, but he wasn’t going to neglect the woman he wanted to be with because of that

•He’d convince his father that there could be a balance. And if Itachi was getting a little extreme, he might tell his father that he can castigate him all he wants, but that won’t deter him. Whether or not Fugaku would understand, who knows. Maybe with some influence from Mikoto, who I’m sure would be happy for Itachi and encourage him, he might come around. Fugaku might come to see that Itachi is smart enough to know when and if his relationship with this girl would affect his other duties, and that Itachi would sooner end that relationship if it came down to it rather than let the village and the clan suffer

•So Fukgaki might settle with it after a while, but he wouldn’t be thrilled. It would be a little tense and Itachi probably wouldn’t bring her home to meet his parents for a long time, if at all. It would only be if his parents took the first step and told Itachi he should bring her by the house. Itachi would be very skeptical and very protective of her, but he’d go through with it, because it’s a good first step into acceptance