•It’s very difficult for Gaara to ever get close to anything that borders possession because it might remind him of how awful he was in his past. So he wouldn’t willingly allow himself to get possessive. It’s even difficult to get him jealous, so it’s rare and probably not a thing for Gaara

•At the most, he’d put his foot down and his calm demeanor would break more easily. He’d really only get that way in terms of possession if there was someone really really bothering his s/o, and he’d only do it to show the other person like ‘hey back off’

•He might get a little jealous if something like that happened, which could in turn show in the bedroom, but just a little. He really doesn’t like taking everyday frustrations out on his partner in bed

•He’d be more touchy, more grabby, more inclined to move his partner around to a position he favored. Might be slightly rougher. Rougher kisses, rougher thrusts

•He’d look pretty tense too, you could almost feel the frustration making his body go rigid, but he wouldn’t really voice it in bed. He’d probably be much more quiet and concentrated than usual actually


•He can be very possessive when it comes down to it, but it’ll take a lot to push him to that. He’ll kind of notice little faults over time about his partner that make him think Wow I need to keep a tighter leash on them. It’s mostly just a matter of them getting involved with people he doesn’t like or doing things that annoy him

•He has no problem telling his s/o plainly “Don’t let me catch you doing that again” And if they do, he’d get a little more aggressive and like force them to stay by his side so they wouldn’t go get themselves into trouble

•Maybe Sasori really cannot stand the thought of his partner getting close to Deidara, because Deidara’s annoying as shit and Sasori can just see Deidara overstepping boundaries. So if Deidara came by and tried to talk to s/o, Sasori might send them this little expectant look, just so they’d see it and take it as a warning like ‘Don’t answer him’

•Sasori would be pretty domineering in bed anyway, but he’d amp it up a little by giving his partner lots of commands and expecting them to follow. It’s mostly as a way to reinstate the fact that he’s the dominant one and they need to be more obedient

•Conversely, he might completely abstain them from any sex and make them wait as long as he wanted. He’d do it to torment his partner, it’s his own form of punishment. He doesn’t have a great sex drive anyway so he can hold out