So I said I was gonna make a post about how the blog will continue while I was in college so these are just ideas I have, though they could change at any point

I’m think about accepting more scenarios but they’d be shorter? I’m sure if you’ve followed me long enough you’ve seen that I write significantly long scenarios, though I know a majority of the other blogs I’ve seen write those type of shorter scenarios. I think that would be easy for me to do, though it might be difficult at first only because I’m so used to making everything long. I wouldn’t completely get rid of those long scenarios, but I wouldn’t accept those as frequently since I’ll be busy 

I think what I’ll end up doing is putting a lot of answers to requests in the queue so they come out during the week, or just write out imagines during the week and upload them all on the weekend. Bottom line is I probably won’t have as much time to be online during the week, but I’ll still definitely be writing. However, I’m hoping my schedule won’t be as tedious as I anticipate so I can still keep up with everything, and I have a feeling that’ll be the case.
So nothing major will change but some of my scenarios will be shorter, and of course, I’ll be a little slower with updates. I also may do little memes more frequently, just as a break form regular requests so I keep the creativity flowing. I really enjoy writing for you guys and I don’t have plans to get rid of the blog or anything like that, but like I said, it could change later on if I can’t keep up with imagines and schoolwork both. But as of now, just expect me to decrease some of the activity, at least until I acclimate to college life