Founders trio I like that let’s make that a thing (unless it’s Izuna too but for now sorry Izuna hoes)

Hashirama will be shocked at first, but his mind will jump to a dozen conclusions, and the one he might hold on to is DID I DO SOMETHING WRONG??? so he’d be afraid to approach her at first, in which case it would take a him a few seconds to take it all in, but he’d run to her side a second later because he’s freaking out about it. It’s going to break his heart to see her crying so he’d be persistent in asking her what was wrong, holding her, patting her back and trying to wipe away her tears. He’d definitely be upset that she wouldn’t tell him what was wrong, but he’d realize that she might just need space. But he’ll be anxious the whole time, and at some point later on that day, or in the next few days, he’d really breakdown (not crying or anything, but he’d be frantic and pleading) and try to persuade her to tell him what’s going on, because he just wants to make it better. Any turmoil she’s having will become his own, especially if he can’t fix it

Madara’s going to be too startled with the situation to really react at first. He might stand there and hope she explains on her own, but once seeing that she’s not going to do that, he’d carefully approach. He’d be simple and ask her what was wrong, trying to remain calm in hopes that it persuades her to spill the truth. When it doesn’t, he’ll inevitably get frustrated, saying something like “How am I supposed to help you if you won’t tell me anything?” He’ll try for a little while longer, but he’d be a little aggressive about it, really pushing her to tell him what was wrong. But he’d give up at some point because he doesn’t want to waste his time, and he knows badgering her might make it worse too. He’d wait until she was ready to tell him, and if that time never came, he might bring it up later on. But to him, if it didn’t seem to affect her that much outside of that one time he’d found her crying, he wouldn’t worry about it too much

Tobirama will also be at a loss for words when he sees her. At first he’ll take a logical approach and think about everything that’s been happening recently in their lives, why she might be crying, if it’s something he might have done inadvertently, just so he has an idea of how he should solve the issue if he’s correct about any suspicions. He’d approach her carefully but firmly and ask her why she was crying, not wanting to tip toe around the real problem. But when she won’t tell him what’s wrong, he’ll get frustrated immediately. Also a little insulted? He wouldn’t understand why she won’t tell him, like it’s not his business or she thinks it’s not something he could change. He’d keep insisting that she tell him until she got frustrated enough to shoo him away, or he leaves by himself out of irritation. He’ll probably bring it up sometime later once he’s calmed down, because he has this undying need to know what’s bothering her, even if he tries to force it out of his mind and pretend like it’s not giving him anxiety