sure can!

i’m sure all of you know of and are currently following @hoe-imaginess and if you’re not–you’re missing out. she’s the only person i know who can talk about dick and make it sound poetic, y’know? 

@sexintheseireitei is everything i could aspire to be and more. Admin A’s headcanons and scenarios are works of art and i’ve been known to read them once, twice, fifty times over and over. 

@shinji-slut is my one-stop shop for all things involving the rightful captain of the fifth division. 

the @polycanons admins literally write FOR EVERYTHING and they are some of the nicest people you could ever talk to or request from and i’ve been so personally blessed for them to have had my back when the anon hate shows up

@fairknights admins @lord-hex and @kaibacorpmilkness are just unreal. not only are the headcanons awesome, but THE ART. 

@bleach-imagines is just #goals and has written some of the most amazing scenarios i’ve had the fortune to read. 

i actually started following @narutoheartimagines a little while ago but can WE TALK ABOUT DETAIL BECAUSE THERE IS SO MUCH DETAIL SO MUCH EVERYONE NEEDS TO GO ASK FOR A SHIP SIMPLY TO SEE THE DETAIL THAT GOES INTO THAT it’s so beautiful

@imagine-overdose is literally my homie and aside from being the most adorable, skilled, pi-digit remembering person i know did you read that new Kakashi smut?? bc you should

and i’m probably missing out on so many more blogs and if you know more i would love for you to tell me about them bc it’s just so great to see more people running these kinds of things ❤

omggg thank you ❤