I won’t even lie they were so fine when they were younger so I’m keeping young!Ootsuki brothers in mind:

Hagoromo SFW

•He’d be pretty shy when it came to affections. When it doesn’t come off as shy, it’s kind of traditional? He’d never be too forward with someone he started gaining feelings for. He’d definitely wait to make his interest known until he could tell that they might have reciprocated the interest, just so he doesn’t make them uncomfortable. Because of that, he’d be the type to agonize over crushes very easily because he’d never lead them anywhere. He’d basically sit and wait for something to happen

•That being said, he is a very patient man, so it won’t be too bad. But he’d carry on crushes for a very long time, which is pretty advantageous because he’d learn more about the person he was interested in before any relationship ever started

•Once he did acquire (that sounds so formal omg) a s/o, he’d treat them very well. There’d hardly be any drama in the relationship or any cause for turmoil. Being with Hagoromo is relatively facile but fulfilling nonethless

•The only difficult part may be his occasional reserved nature. Affection isn’t really a big thing for him. He prefers subtle intimacy, more of an ‘actions speak louder than words’ guy. Simply being his s/o and having his unadulterated loyalty and devotion is really something to be cherished. It’s just a comfortable relationship

Hagoromo NSFW

•He’d be very laid back in bed. Doesn’t have a preference when it comes to topping, though I honestly think he’d prefer that his partner be in control. For him, sex isn’t that imperative, but it is something he can enjoy. He’d rather his partner do as they pleased and he’d sit back and enjoy it with them, rather than trying to control the situation for his own benefit

•Hence why he’d probably be more of a giver, if anything. Receiving just isn’t his thing, and while he’d have to really be in his “giving” moods to give it his best shot, he’s quite impressive either way

•Very fair and is always certain that his partner reaches orgasm

•He doesn’t make very many sounds, it’s mostly little hums? Sometimes small grunts, but even when he comes he’s pretty silent. You’d be lucky to get a small moan at the end

•Good thing is, he can be quite humorous when it comes down to it, just to offset any aloof and disinterested semblance he may give off at times. Can laugh things off and make small little jokes, it’s very relaxing and reassuring

Hamura SFW

•He’s definitely the more easygoing brother when it comes to relationships and affection. He’s just the type who goes out and explores his options, rather than lie in waiting for the opportunity to present itself. It’s probably a consequence of his impatience

•His idea of dates are also pretty traditional though, which may come off as boring at times. But he’d ask his crush to walk with him or have a simple dinner with him

•Since he’s more relaxed, it’s easier for him to open up, and he’d often go to Hagoromo for advice. Any type of advice usually, but especially romantic advice. And Hagoromo has a much more complacent and reticent approach, so obviously, it might frustrate Hamura a little since he’s not as laid back, and probably not as smooth

•It would be fairly easy to tell when he was crushing on someone. He’s the type who can’t take his eyes off of the person of interest, and has a very difficult time acting himself around them. He’ll either try to alter his demeanor to impress them, or will hold back all together as not to appear too forward or eager. He’s kind of a mess

•The first sign of affection you’d get from Hamura is probably something simple like linking arms, or putting an arm around your waist while you’re walking together

Hamura NSFW

•It’s easier to get Hamura in the mood, but it’s still an effort, especially his first few times with a new partner. Direct stimulation will probably be your best bet, just go down to caress him or rub him and it fires him up pretty fast

•His fav part on his partner’s body is probably their chest, though also has quite the thing for legs

•He gets very very worked up during sex, good sex, primarily. At the pinnacle, he’s a sweaty, moaning mess, and it’s difficult for him to retain composure, no matter how much he wants to 

•His sex drive is healthy, but he’d be able to go a very long time without it, and he might even prefer that to constant, regularly scheduled sex. Something about prolonging it makes it so much more rewarding when that time finally comes around

•He enjoys angry sex, though to him it’s more like frustrated sex, since he’s not the type to fully project his anger out onto his partner in any way that could harm them