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Tobirama Senju


•I can see him enjoying the company of a more reserved s/o, though it’s inevitable that it would also complicate the relationship some. He’s very harsh and doesn’t have a filter at times, so the timid demeanor won’t really work well with that, especially if they’re very sensitive

•He’d probably make them very upset and quite often, so times will be tense. But, I don’t see Tobirama getting with a s/o if he didn’t really really like them, so he’d regret blowing up on them and would make up for it. He understands simple apologies don’t always heal the emotional wounds, so it’s honestly just a matter of how much his s/o can endure and whether or not they can accept him for what he is. Really, it’s going to be difficult to handle him, so a timid and shy s/o will be a little risky

•It might also prove difficult since they’re a civilian. The village is small and it won’t be a matter of distance really, but he wouldn’t always have the time to be with them when it came to important meetings or important travels. He wouldn’t really be able to bring them along to those sort of diplomatic events

•Tobirama might try to ease them out of their shell every once in a while, for their sake and his. He wouldn’t push them out of their comfort zone, but he’d really want them to open up to him. He’d feel a bit guilty if he saw they were locking their feelings or emotions away simply because he can be harsh and unapproachable

•He’d also be very very protective of them. That would be evident with any s/o of any personality type, but there’s a distinct need for him to watch out for them when they’re shy and timid, and possibly prone to not standing up for themselves. He really gets scary when someone/even something is bothering his s/o


•Tobirama would really stay cautious in the bedroom. He’d try to gauge how gentle he needed to be, how forward he could be, what they liked and what they didn’t like. He’d especially want to know what they liked, assuming that they were too shy to vocalize it on their own. It would be an ‘exploring their body type’ of process for him

•Though he’s inclined to be dominant a majority of the time, he might encourage them to take charge so they could show him what they wanted. He’d actually like it if they were riding him, that way they can set their own pace and he gets to see their expression to discern what feels good to them, and still has access to their body so he can reach up and touch them

•He’d learn what tactics proved the most successful when trying to get them in the mood. It would be great if they voiced their own urges, but he’d be able to tell when they were too nervous and shy. He might go for simple kisses and caresses, or maybe just slowly leading them into the bedroom

•Until they opened up and gave him some insight on what they liked, the sex would be quiet and gentle. He’s more of a rough type of guy, but he’d really suppress that instinct in favor of making them comfortable 

•Would be more inclined to amp up the intimacy and give them soft kisses on their body every now and then. Mostly to comfort them, partially to encourage them