I’m not 100% what you’re looking for but you said roast him and with a checklist thing and I get the “things you should know before you date him” in an almost negative way kind of, so here’s the roast:

Shinji Hirako

•Shinji isn’t the type of guy who can give his s/o everything they need, to put it bluntly. He can’t handle a “high maintenance” s/o because he’s not overly attentive all the time, and wouldn’t offer them as much attention as they needed if they were the type who actively sought that out

•Is blunt about most things and will definitely say stuff that pisses you off, whether it’s opinions you don’t agree with, ignorance, or just him being inattentive. If it angers you, he may get tired of you being so grumpy and apologize, but tbh, it’s hardly genuine. Just a “yeah I’m sorry get over it”. So if insincere apologies bother you then yeah, that’s how Shinji works, could be a problem

•Can’t stand nagging. He can tolerate it for a while, but listening to it is honestly what shuts him off and he’s not willing to listen to your problems and concerns if he feels that you’re being annoying about it

•Kind of going off of that, you can’t be dramatic with him. If there’s a big fight, don’t expect him to come around first and apologize all the time. You’ll have to make an effort so it’s not just him trying to make reparations all the time. Like if you take the “don’t let your s/o go to bed angry” situation, he’d definitely let you go to bed angry

•That’s why the times he does apologize and make amends to show you that he cares, you need to really take those into consideration. It’s not often he’s going to peg his pride for the sake of his s/o, with a genuine apology and sincerity. So as frustrating as it can be, don’t stay mad at him, accept his efforts, or else he’ll go back to the half-assed apologies that aren’t that meaningful

•If this makes sense, he might treat his partner more like a good friend rather than a lover sometimes? It’s not always a bad thing, it means he’s comfortable enough with you to open up and let loose. Though at times, it could be annoying because he’ll just treat you so casually, and not in a romantic way like you may want. You might think he’s acting childish at times because of it