Ichimaru Gin

•With Gin, it’s difficult to engage in any arguments or fights. He’s very smooth and knows how to snake his way out of it if it’s not something he wants to deal with. And in general, he hates fights. He really strives to avoid them all together because it’s just too much trouble. Conversely, he’s very stubborn when it’s a fight he’s incited on his own. He’ll stick to his conviction for a long time, it’s not always easy for him to concede

•Also, he tries to joke around too much. Laughs if he thinks something sounds ridiculous. Can be very childish, just so childish. It’s his way of letting any severe altercations roll off his shoulders, which is partially beneficial so he doesn’t get too worked up

•It’s rare that he’ll raise his voice, though a soft but firm tone can be just as menacing because it’s like, how can he be so calm when the argument is so severe? Also frustrating too because you may think he’s not as invested in the argument, especially if it’s something very important to you

•He doesn’t let the arguments go on for too long. He doesn’t see the point in prolonging the distress, specifically if it’s an argument that he doesn’t care for. He’d rather wait for his partner to calm down and try to have a pacific discussion later. He can be understanding at times, it’s just a matter of whether or not he’s willing to deal with a possibly aggressive partner

•There really is a much more civil side to Gin during arguments. He honestly doesn’t like fighting with his partner, or anyone he cares about. It just causes too many problems. And while he’s fairly cognizant not to insult them or spit out anything rash during arguments, he knows there could still be awful things said that he’d definitely regret later

•He’d only make up for an argument if he genuinely felt it was his wrongdoing, and he’s pretty fair when it comes to that. However, he can also overlook his partner’s obstinacy and make amends first even if it’s their fault. Gin keeps a lid on his frustration during arguments, so it’s not like he’ll have to do any in depth reparations, but he’ll do it for the sake of making certain that there’s no lingering hostility between him and his partner. He’s pretty serious about it, but you can expect a few jokes and some light teasing here and there, in hopes of soothing the apology along in a more playful way