Madara Uchiha

•It definitely depends whether or not his s/o could share his mind set and aspirations with the Infinite Tsukuyomi (assuming this is the period of time we’re talking about) or if they were against the plan. In the case of the latter, it’s unlikely he’d show them complete mercy. He’d probably hesitate a little, but it wouldn’t deter him from his true goal

•He’s not too concerned about hurting them, since they are reanimations. It’s likely that he’d first try to reason with them, show them why he was doing this in hopes that they would understand, before resorting to anything violent and defensive

•If that didn’t work, then yeah he’d probably turn against them and fight in full. Though he wouldn’t antagonize them so much. He’d focus on just getting them out of the way so he wouldn’t have to deal with them, rather than going out of his way to fight or torment them. At the most, he’d get rid of them from the start so he could put it out of his mind, even if it is a little harrowing

•As for the grandchildren, if it wasn’t his grandchildren, I doubt Madara would hold back. There might be the smallest sympathy simply because they’re someone important to someone who was/is important to him, but again, he’s too focused on his goals to let it hinder his plan