Madara probably tbh. It takes a while to get him worked up enough to actually let loose, but when he does, it’s wild. Outwardly you might not notice, you’d just see the annoyance in his expression. He’d be a vindictive little shit on the road too, cutting people off, getting in front of them then breaking, not letting people change lanes, honking for like 30 seconds straight. But he’d do it all with a straight face so you won’t know if he’s seething with anger or if he’s amused

Tobirama is definitely the second worst, but that’s because you’ll hear the road rage. Calling everyone a jackass or a moron, constantly cussing, getting impatient when someone’s not going fast enough (Tobirama can be a speed demon at times) honking when someone doesn’t move .2 seconds after the light turns green. He’ll deadass pull up to someone who’s pissing him off and just glare at them until they notice. Has no problem sticking his hand out the window and flicking someone off. He doesn’t care if they get all mad about it either, he hopes someone tries to start shit with him on the road, he’s ready to throw down at any second

Hashirama actually has lots of road rage but it’s more to himself, and he won’t really let loose. You’d see him gripping the wheel hard if someone was pissing him off, tapping his foot in impatience, pouting, and there’s lots of “are you kidding me”’s when he gets cut off or someone’s being a stupid driver. He’s more of a defensive driver though, so he can’t always focus on road rage