Ooooo saucy


•He doesn’t see anything wrong with it, it actually excites him a little. He won’t let the job interfere too much with his relationship, but it’s obvious that he’d be caught up in a few things that wouldn’t allow him that much free time

•Because of that, he plans little dates ahead of time as much as possible, but he’ll also show up on their doorstep at random and tell them to get ready so he can take them out. And it’s always deluxe places that are probably under the influence of the Yakuza anyway, so Imayoshi can really treat his s/o to something nice

•S/o should expect to be well taken care of in general, and very safe. Even if he doesn’t have time to come over and really spend time with them, Imayoshi will walk by their place just to check it out every once in a while, or send someone else to do it, just to see how his s/o is doing 

•Also sends them quite luxurious gifts in the interim while he’s busy. To make a show of it, he’ll have some of his boys drop by s/o’s place to hand deliver it

•When it comes to bringing them around his friends and associates, he’s more cautious about that. He knows his s/o will be well respected, but Imayoshi might enjoy keeping it private, and just wants to be 100% certain they’re not dragged into any trouble