•There are times where they concede the antics and can come to mutual agreements. They’d both be very protective and slightly possessive of her, but in a way, it kind of presents them both with the opportunity to trust each other, if that makes sense. They’re basically best buds, and know each other better than most others in the Troupe

•The way Phinks would put it is that the ‘bros before hoes’ argument doesn’t really apply here because it’s equal bro and equal hoe. Idk what I’m saying but basically, there’s this odd foundation of trust because they know each other so well. They can compete for her affections and attention, but at the end of the day, they’re comfortable with the relationship

•That being said, it’s still a mess for the most part. Phinks is brash and Feitan is harsh and withdrawn, so neither of them can really step up to be the ‘good guy’ per se, especially when they get in weird group fights or in general, if something goes wrong. But the boys would try to be there for her. I’d say it’s mostly Phinks, with awkward, reckless, dorky attempts to make her feel better

•Feitan would be more subtle, not involving himself in the angsty stuff until the best opportunity presented itself. Honestly he waits for Phinks to fuck up and make it worse so he can slide in and be the rational and calm voice of assurance, knowing it’s probably the better approach, and knowing it pisses Phinks off because that’s always fun

•That’s basically the best way to describe the relationship: Phinks is the extrovert when it comes to the balance of the relationship; Feitan is the introvert who steps back and only puts attention and effort in when he really wants to, when Phinks fucks up, or when it looks like she needs him to step up to the plate

•I’ll go for a little nsfw: It’s so difficult to get them to agree on threesomes, and it’s probably in her best interest too because they’re way too competitive and they’d argue 90% of the time

•It would go better if they agreed to take turns. But even that’s a struggle, because they’re still arguing about bedroom antics outside of the bedroom. Feitan is the one who starts the most shit. It’s just so easy to taunt Phinks and he thinks it’s entertaining. If Phinks is provoked, he’ll start bragging about how good he is in bed or something and Feitan will be like “She told me your dick is small” and Phinks loses it