So here’s the first headcanon, and I hope you really enjoy it. I’m seriously such a hoe for Tobirama, and I was so excited by a modern AU ask, again thank you so much! 🙂

Tobirama Modern AU

  • I completely see Tobirama as a defense and prosecution attorney. He’s the type of guy who really enjoys a good debate and challenge. He wants people to see things from his perspective so he loves analyzing situations and figuring out how to present them in his favor. Working on cases really brings out his competitive nature though, and the thought of losing seems worse than death to Tobirama, so that makes him work harder to win every case.
  • The one thing he struggles with at his job is toning down his aggressive nature. He knows how to be polite but being so hospitable can be a struggle when he can’t stand a certain client or maybe an opposing attorney. Tobirama knows he can’t be rude to the jury, a witness or a judge. But if he hears bullshit from a witness or something, he can hardly remain calm, like he instantly becomes enraged. He would probably be yelling “objection your honor” like non-stop and silently be fuming if or when the judge told him his request was overruled.
  • Tobirama is a workaholic, like he just gets so involved in his job that he can sometimes forget there are other things to life. He does spend a lot of time with Hashirama, and they usually have a guy’s night once a week, which involves them usually sitting at the bar watching sports. But Tobirama just hates when his brother occasionally invites Madara and Izuna along, he just finds them intolerable, so he usually leaves early on those nights and lays into Hashirama later about inviting them.
  • When Tobirama’s not with Hashirama, he’s reading or watching the news

     he likes to keep himself an educated gentleman. He also spends too much time cleaning and maintaining his home, having a tidy place to come back to after a long day of work is something he enjoys. He invests a lot of time into working out and staying fit because he despises cooking so he goes out to eat much more than he should.

  • His guilty pleasure is watching reality shows like The Bachelorette, he likes to kinda mock it, and he call it “the vainest show.” But secretly he likes to think he’s better than all the guys on there, and he’s completely convinced he could win The Bachelorette hands down.