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Nickname:  Sweety, but irl we got Lex, Jordie, Jo, Tush 
Gender: F
Height: 5′6″

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw (or Slytherin I think)

Pokemon team: Mystic

Favorite Color: Black or green

Average Hours of Sleep: Usually 5

Lucky Number:  1026 and 23

Last Thing I Googled: Red Lobster menu

Favorite CHARACTER(s) <I changed it to multiple ok: Loki (Marvel), Ozymandias (Watchmen), Batman, Raven, and Wally West (DC), Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister (GoT), Itachi Uchiha and Tobirama Senju, L and Near from Death Note

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: probably one

Favorite Bands/Artists: Led Zeppelin, Queen, J. Cole, The Beatles andddd idk none really come to mind I don’t listen to music that much?

Dream Job: Honestly don’t know, something where I can travel internationally

Current outfit: random band t shirt and some sleep pants

Following: Mostly anime accounts, some aesthetic blogs, other imagines blogs, art blogs

Posts: Mostly imagines

Do I Get Asks On A Daily Basis: Hmm pretty much yeah

Reason For My URL: I am a hoe and I write imagines for other hoes

I tag: idk I have so many people I could tag I know I suck. Literally any one of my followers can do this and I’ll check it out pls go ahead I want y’all to do it just say I tagged you