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•So assuming he’s now aware of the fact that she’s his child, that still doesn’t entail that he’ll go easy on her. Anyone who comes to challenge him will get the full effect, so it’s really not going to matter. It’s highly unlikely any sentiment or familial bonds would hold him from fighting back with the intent to kill, especially since he doesn’t even know her

•Hisoka’s usually not the type to feel pride as a consequence of someone else’s accomplishments, but it would excite him that something he basically ‘cultivated’ could present such an interesting challenge, so that’s kind of close to pride? For Hisoka, at least

•Probably wouldn’t feel a morsel of jealousy. He’s not the jealous, envious type. He’d convince himself that her prowess was thanks to him, that his genes were the direct cause, and that she should probably be grateful. He can acknowledge someone’s power, but he’s still a bit stubborn when it comes to facing reality when someone’s a level above him. Not really jealousy, just tunnel vision

•If she ends up winning then hey, that’s great. But it’ll just excite him. Which will be a pain because from then on, he’ll want to constantly antagonize her and provoke her into a fight, seeing her as more of a challenge than a daughter