Madara Uchiha

•Madara tries not to let their presence fluster him too much. He’d rather act natural than fake, even at the expense of catching their attention. He prefers patience and biding his time. He doesn’t want to make them uncomfortable with any forward advances

•That being said, he does get quite anxious at times. He’ll want to be around them as often as their schedules permit, and hopes to get at least one chance to talk to them every time. He’s easily irritated when the opportunity doesn’t come around, and that just builds frustration, which is never good for Madara

•There will come a time when his demeanor shifts completely and he’s grim and almost darker around his crush. It’s simply because he’s hoping to shut off the sentiment by acting cold, but that ends up drawing attention. Which at first, he didn’t want. But when he’s frustrated with his efforts, he’ll actually want his crush to notice him

•It’s around that time he’s more confident and determined too, staring at them frequently and sparking up conversation

•He gets quite stern once he feels that he’s interacted with them enough to get his interest across. It’s not uncommon that the bold tendencies stir when he’s really caught in a crush. He won’t like the notion of other people getting comfortable with them; Madara thinks that’s a spot reserved for him, and he wouldn’t want anyone who he sees in a ‘lesser’ light to test their luck with his crush, hence why he gets a little possessive, and also protective

•Like if he could tell that his crush was engaged in a conversation they weren’t comfortable with, with someone that seemed suspicious or weird, and if they looked like they needed an escape from the awkward situation, he would basically swoop in to save the day. But that stern approach is still present, he’d literally tell someone to fuck off if it came down to it

Izuna Uchiha

•He’s also pretty good about not letting the crush deter his composure, but it does happen. He’s the type who can’t look them in the eyes longer than .2 seconds before quickly glancing away. It’s not so much that he’s intimidated, he’s just concerned that he’ll come off as overly eager

•So he’ll pull off the “casual” demeanor quite well, but there’s only so much time until it breaks and you can see the nervous fidget in his legs or the ansty flutter in his eyes

•He has tsundere tendencies when the crush is that strong. He blushes way too easily if they say something particularly nice, and refuses to admit when he’s flustered. When they smile at him he’ll rush to smile back, but it twists into this awkward, tense smirk, in which case of course, he quickly averts his gaze to avoid embarrassment

•There are times when he tries hard to be pleasant and civil though. He’ll ask them about themselves, about their interests, try to make some casual jokes. It’s these times when he’s relaxed, and it’s not so difficult to let his guard down

•At times he can be bold, but only when the rush of confidence gets to him. He’s the type who’s always trying to touch his crush, whether it be grazing their arm in passing, running his fingers over theirs when they’re exchanging paperwork or something. Just little instances of intimacy

•He needs attention and can’t stand it when the crush is occupied with someone else while he’s around. Like his brother, Izuna’s quite demanding with interaction, and wants to be around them as long as possible. It’s silly because he can’t always muster the resolve to speak to them, which creates the occasional awkward silence. But the second someone else sparks up conversation with his crush, Izuna gets all irritated