•Ginoza’s very casual and not one to indulges intimacy in public tbh. He’ll put the occasional arm around her waist or hold her hand but even that has to be in certain context. He’s just the type who prefers formalities in public

•There are the occasional times you’d be able to tell he was tempted by that intimacy and affection though. Most times, from an outside perspective, you wouldn’t know it was his girlfriend standing next to him, because of those formalities he maintains. But if you saw him smile at her or chuckle a little at one of her jokes, you’d be able to tell by the warm way he looked at her

•In private he’s much more at ease, though that doesn’t mean he’s overly sentimental. He’s still casual about his affections but he’ll act out upon them more frequently. Touching her shoulder or arm in passing, touching her hair, kissing her head. Just little things


•Publically, I don’t see Ginoza ever engaging in anything even bordering NSFW. It’s just not his cup of tea, and generally makes him uncomfortable

•His sex life is rather mild. It’s only when he finds the time and he just needs to release some stress. Otherwise, he’s busy working or relaxing  

•When he’s ready for sex, he drops subtle hints. He’s not the impulsive type who goes for it when he can’t hold back. He prefers giving his partner a heads up so there’s no miscommunication, and so he doesn’t have to worry about getting his hopes up