Kisuke Urahara

•Kisuke is definitely the type to stalk her social media, mostly to see what type of person she is. It’s his little way of getting to know her without actually approaching her

•When he felt comfortable enough to approach, he’d try his luck at sweet talking right off the bat tbh. That’s just his personality, he really couldn’t go about it any other way or else it would feel fake, and he’d want to give them a feel of his genuine demeanor so they know what to expect. He’ll try to come off as the annoying but funny guy, just to entertain her

•If that went well then hey, good for him. He has a direction to take now, without having the weight of uncertainty on his mind about whether or not she’d be able to handle his antics

•He has this habit of knowing exactly what she needs at any certain time. She needs help with directions? He’s there to help. Don’t know the best restaurant in the area? He has suggestions at the ready

•Really, it’s anything he can do to impress her in a subtle way. Kisuke can be quite eager, but he’s always been good about keeping composed. He also hopes the gradual build up will create a sense of mystery, which he hopes captivates her


•In a modern AU, Grimmjow would also be the type to stalk her social media. He’s definitely a thirst follower too so that’s how he usually picks out his ‘subjects’. Might scroll through her Insta and favorite really old pictures so she notices

•He’s pretty much a prowler. Would follow her when the chance presented itself. Looks like a typical stalker, but he keeps his distance, and might get bored easily tbh. Unless she’s doing something that feeds his curiosity and gives him an idea of what she’s like, he’s more likely to walk off

•He’d probably hope that he happened upon her by ‘coincidence’, as in he hopes a friend introduces them or something. It’s not likely that he’d go out of his way to find a friend and be like “can you introduce me to _____” because that sounds dumb and he’s too proud for that, so it’s all a waiting game

•Brash as he is, he’d probably hold off on approaching her on his own. It contradicts his confrontational nature, but when it comes to crushing on someone, he’s so awkward and he doesn’t know to deal with it

•But the second he perceives something as a threat, maybe another guy flirting with her, or if he suspects she may already be seeing someone, he’ll step up his game and be forward about his attraction. If it comes off as overbearing then so be it, at least she’ll know his intentions. And he’s quite persistent when it comes down to it