Omg thank you so much I really appreciate this ❤ I’m kind of acclimating now. I don’t have too much homework, just like a shit ton of reading. I still want to keep up with the blog but I’m finding I’m lacking motivation and going through this period where I hate what I write lmao, but I’m slowly getting back into it. Just gonna take a while to get through the box, especially the scenarios. So far no complaints! Though I know patience does thin after some point, so I just ask that people bear with me. Thank you though omg ily 

@artsyfartsyash LMAO my tumblr does the same thing but omg that looks so perfect though like it fits me

okay so these obviously didn’t make the cut but I wanna shout them out anyway because these were so good and DAMN just so good wow I’m always a slut for Tobirama