Ahhh well this isn’t too bad, nowhere near as specific or harsh as some of the messages I used to receive about other blogs. But I’m sorry about that ))): While I can see why they would be agitated, because those kinds of messages can be discouraging at times, I still will never go back on my views when it comes to mean and choleric imagine blogs admins. I just don’t see the point in being like that, I guess it’s just not in my nature? I don’t know exactly what they said, obviously, so this is all assuming it was pretty forward and bitter, but maybe they thought you didn’t ask nicely? Some admins are very particular about that, or maybe their schedule outside of tumblr is chaotic rn and they’re stressed? Either way, it’s just cringeworthy to me how harsh some admins can be to their followers if it’s not really justified? I feel for you, I’m sorry that happened ): If you asked nicely and didn’t push them then I see no reason why they should have been mean. It’s not your fault friend, sometimes it’s just easy for people to get agitated. This is just my suggestion, but once you’re intimidated by a blog and feel uneasy about it, it’s just best to unfollow, for yourself and for them. Hope you feel better, you can come message me if you like, but I’d prefer not to post much more on this subject directly to the blog, but please feel free to message me if you need it ❤

I’m not even gonna watch tbh I’m gonna pretend it never happened

ayyy thank you!