•Shows up randomly to see his s/o. He gets in these moods where he really wants to see them, and won’t even bother giving them a warning beforehand. He just shows up and finds his way into their room, makes himself comfortable, waits for them to walk in. He enjoys the alarmed expression on their face and the occasional shriek. The subsequent scolding isn’t always fun, but he can overlook it

•Also makes his s/o give him goodnight kisses. That’s the only way he’ll leave them alone, it’s his number one condition. Will prattle on about it the whole night until they give in

•He’s good at dealing with his s/o when they’re temperamental. He’s not the type to blow up on account of his s/o’s anger, he can keep composure. He figures it’s the best way to calm them down. It wouldn’t do any good for both their minds to be clouded by frustration


•His idea of sentiment is mostly subtle smiles and paying his s/o extra attention. He’ll go out of his way to check up on them, inquire about their lives, ask them if anything interesting has occurred. And he actually listens to them. Aizen is the type who definitely asks these questions to certain people with no intention of listening, it’s just to manipulate and gain people’s trust. But with his s/o, he’ll actually make an effort to listen

•Also, he strives to always be the problem-solver. It’s more out of a need to establish his intellect tbh, but it’s also for the well-being of his s/o. If they’re in a dilemma, he’ll help them create a solution, as long as it’s not too meager or silly, or something they’ve gotten themselves into on account of stupidity or irresponsibility. It’s still Aizen, so if he thinks it’s irrelevant and not worth his time, then he doesn’t bother with it

•PDA is one of those ideas not worth his time. He thinks it’s foolish. Sure, he could fluster his s/o that way, and he does like it when he’s able to push people to their limits, but it’s just too unsophisticated


•Treats every date like a “first” date. There are definitely times where he can’t go above and beyond because of work, but when there’s free time, he tries hard to make the dates worthwhile, just so the affection/sentiment holds his s/o over until the next time he’s free

•More of a modern AU type of headcanon, but Shisui would be into sports. Specifically basketball. If his s/o liked it too then that would be amazing, they could have little basketball nights, grab lots of food, sit down and watch the games. Would buy season tickets so he could take his s/o to games, would buy matching jerseys of their fav players and teams. Or just as fun, maybe they’d like opposite teams, and it turns into couple warfare real fast. It’s all in good spirit though

•Shisui is quite the cuddler at the right time. In general, he’s not over the top with affections, but there are instances where he just wants to show his partner some love, just sit back and enjoy it. When he’s exhausted from Anbu work, there are times he comes home and just needs to lie down, and with his s/o of course. This is the type of cuddling that relaxes him the most, it’s just comforting and intimate