•She has no sense of restraint, so she’s definitely making a big deal out of it. Will huff and puff until her s/o notices, refusing to bring it up on her own at first . If her s/o still doesn’t notice then she’ll step in and pretty much put an end to it

•At first, she’ll lay into the offending person flirting with her s/o. She’s not opposed to getting physical either, so her s/o would probably have to hold her back and drag her away. It’s at that point she’d start going off on them too, something about “where do you get off letting someone flirt with you like that, and right in front of me??”

•Ino’s not particularly fair when it comes to her jealousy, so even if it’s really not the s/o’s fault, she’ll still vent the anger on them. She’d feel humiliated about the whole thing, and self-conscious. Did her s/o enjoy the flirtation because they found that person to be more attractive? Funnier? All around better than Ino? She’s not just offended, but quite insecure, especially when she really likes someone. So a hundred doubts will cross her mind because of the incident

•There’s another route this could go because of that. Say this was the beginning of the relationship, or she still had initial doubts about how her s/o felt and whether or not she should approach them about it. She might not step into the flirting as it’s happening, instead choosing to storm off and fume about it, hoping her s/o comes around first wondering why she’s mad

•Even if they apologized, Ino’s still stubborn. She wouldn’t accept the apology, kind of enjoying the dramatics of it. Ino’s that type of girl tbh. Inwardly though, she’d still be shaken about the flirting happening at all, and still holds on to the jealousy for a while