thank you! also I can never go super dirty nsfw on command I hope these are alright, I don’t think they’re any different from regular nsfw but idk

Itachi NSFW

•It’s not often Itachi’s that gripped by sexual desire, but if he was, it would build up for a while and when he decided he just couldn’t take it anymore, it would be very sudden and impulsive, and his s/o wouldn’t be able to keep up at first

•It would be agonizing if he had his little epiphany out in public, so he’d at least wait until they were alone, preferably at the house. Wouldn’t speak a word, just press her against the nearest wall and start kissing her, hot and heavy. Biting her lips too. Then he’d dive right in

•Though he’d be highly focused on seeking out his own pleasure, he’s not going to neglect hers, so I can see him just going down on her right there against the wall. Just pressing his face between her legs and going for it, hiking her leg over his shoulder. Not for too long though, just to establish how needy he is

•From there he might just proceed against the wall still, finding little time to maneuver them into the bedroom or even on the couch. Definitely half clothed sex. He likes being fully naked but that’s going to be the last thing on his mind. At most all he needs to do is slip his fingers under her shirt to cup her breasts or play with her nipples if he wants

•He probably wouldn’t be overly picky with which way he took her. It’s really just a matter of what position they get into before he presses inside, then he’s not concerned with anything but thrusting

•Has a tendency to grip the skin of her thighs really hard

•Lots of hair grabbing. Might be some pulling, but it’s mostly him grasping her hair and pulling her close, pressing his face against her ear, and muttering soft curses and choked groans

•If he realizes he’s too absorbed in his own pleasure, he’ll slip a finger between them and just work her clit like crazy


•Too eager to worry about foreplay so I can definitely see him using spit as lubricant. Just sucking on his fingers before slipping them inside her for a second or two

•Lots of biting. He’s usually cautious about that, not wanting to leave marks. But in the moment, he just can’t care. Lots of biting on the shoulders and the neck

•Grips her ass and breasts a little to hard, presses his fingernails in too much. Might be enough to get her to shriek or yelp and he’ll immediately stop, but will probably start it up again soon after

•His thrusts are incredibly fast, hard, and sometimes a little out of rhythm. She shouldn’t expect to walk the next morning though. He’s just so blinded by pleasure and need that it’s difficult for him to keep the stroke game going

•He’d probably end up holding her arms down, or above her head. In the moment, he’d probably think it was hot rather than demeaning in any way. He’d grip hard enough to leave bruises too

•Would probably stick with one main position, one where he could hike her leg up over his shoulder. He can get in deep and it’s the perfect position for him to just go at it. But, he might also take her from behind. Either way, might be best not to do it on the bed because it’s definitely banging the wall and causing a disturbance

•Likely to go for as many rounds as possible. On the last threads of his endurance his thrusts would be so languid, he’d be a panting, sweating mess, and probably wouldn’t be able to finish that last round. Would just pass out from exhaustion