Happy early (maybe not anymore) birthday fam!!!


•While birthdays are definitely a special occasion, he’s really not the type to go all out, even for a s/o? In his mind, he should be treating his s/o every day regardless, but of course, that doesn’t mean it’s not something to celebrate

•No surprise parties or anything, rather, he’d make sure they were informed about his plans so they could clear their schedule and not have to worry about any possible complications

•He’d probably plan a nice dinner or lunch for them. Could be at their favorite eatery, or maybe he’ll pick a nice place in the forest for a picnic type of meal

•Instead of giving them a cake, he might offer them little sweets throughout the day, in a little cute package he made himself. Probably wouldn’t be homemade treats though, since Itachi’s not the greatest cook

•While little gifts are thoughtful, his main gift might be some piece of jewelry. Doesn’t have to be fancy, could be something he made himself, a necklace or bracelet that has significant meaning. It’s deep and thoughtful in the moment, even if it seems a little bland from an outside perspective. But coming from Itachi, it’s special

•While he can be the guy to convey his feelings with words, he’s more likely to let his actions speak. At the end of the day, he’d ask them if they had a good time, and if they enjoyed their special day


•Now he’s going all out. Wants to make sure his s/o knows how special they are, just wants to make the day all about them. Anything they want and need, he’s gotta do it

•He might try for a little surprise celebration, but knowing Obito, he’ll let something slip or won’t warn everyone that it’s supposed to be a surprise, so it’ll get back to his s/o somehow. They might pretend to be oblivious anyway, just to humor Obito

•While he’s all hyped up on the excitement of their birthday, he’ll probably write them a long, thorough letter about his feelings, about how much he cares about them, how special he hopes this day is for them. He’ll put it inside a box or bag already full of gifts, and at the very bottom too, which just builds up anticipation and anxiety, so he regrest that decision later. He’s all sheepish and blushing while they read it

•He’s a little selfish and wants to spend the entire day with them, but he knows they might have family and friends that want to celebrate too. He’s also a little nosy. Wants to see what other gifts they might have received, mostly to quell some odd need to see if they were on par with the gifts he gave them, which just sets him up for failure if those gifts do prove more interesting

•Tries to make a cake or some type of nice meal for them, and probably fails. Might have to enlist some help from one of the old ladies that he knows