I match you with Minato!

Minato has a tendency to slowly grab onto his s/o’s hobbies and interests. You wouldn’t even have to introduce him to reading books (which he likes anyway, which means reading some of your favorite books is a guarantee) or writing. He’s not much of a writer but he’d likely ask you to write him something every once in a while to encourage your hobbies. That’s of course, the sweet factor. Minato is your go-to for sweetness. So sweet. And loving of course. Minato is basically the epitome of a great partner. He’s caring and considerate and will always go out of his way to make certain that you’re aware of his feelings, and that he’s not neglecting you. Which is entirely possible especially as Hokage. Regardless, his priorities might be on village duties but you’re ever present in his mind

While not inherently energetic, it’s easy for him to adapt if he sees that’s what you like. Since you’re quiet, he’ll likely seek out activities that would open you up a little, though making certain he doesn’t push you or make you uncomfortable. He probably wouldn’t suggest picnics or walks simply because he knows you’re an indoor person. Which is perfectly fine, since I can see him as an indoor person too. He’d take relaxing with you on the couch or talking about your favorite books over a nice homemade dinner over outdoor activities any day, as long as he knew you were pleased and that he could spend time with you

Minato would be quite pleased and humored that you weren’t just the quiet type, though. I honestly think Minato would do quite well with someone of more reserved nature, who could be open and amusing when the time called for it. It’s not a bland relationship, but peaceful and comfortable. Just right

Other possible matches: Naruto, Tenten, Hashirama