I match you with Itachi!

He’s not much of a writer, and he’s never claimed to be a good cook, but that doesn’t mean he won’t indulge it knowing that you like it. If you were okay with it, he’d ask you to show him how to bake and cook, and he’d also like it if you made him little snacks to take out on missions, or just when he’s out on a busy day. You know much he likes sweets. He sometimes can’t find the time to pick up a meal, and ration pills become tiresome, so he’d really appreciate your cooking skills. Shisui would too. Shisui’s always stealing food from Itachi when you send him with something to eat. It’s no surprise when Shisui shows up on your door raving about how much he loves your food

Itachi enjoys reading every once in a while, and if you let him, would love to read some of your work. He won’t pry if you’d rather keep it private, but he’d be able to tell if you were a little eager to share you writing, in which case he’d of course ask. Even if it’s not necessarily something easy to memorize, like poetry, he’d still hold on to little lines from your writing and might recite them to you later on, just so you know he genuinely enjoys your work and pays close attention

In general, there are certain aspects and quirks to someone’s personality that can and do bother him, but your ADHD wouldn’t be a problem. If it’s just a matter of steering you in the right direction sometimes and making certain you’re focused and organized, that’s no problem. Itachi undoubtedly has the patience and tolerance to deal with that. He’s supportive and comforting too, so if you ever get in moods where doubts about trust and the relationship are bothering you, he’ll do his best to assure you. He’s very much an actions speak louder than words guy, so of course he’d sit down and speak with you, talk out the turmoil, but you’d see his efforts mostly through soft touches and thoughtful kisses on the forehead, holding your hand, asking you if you’re feeling any better if you had a bad day or a bad week. One of his main concerns is making certain you’re comfortable and feel loved. He doesn’t judge you for trust issues and doesn’t feel offended by it in the least, though he admits, sometimes he hopes none of your doubts apply to him. He wants you to trust him and know that he sincerely cares about you, so he works toward that as much as he can. At the same time, there are moments where he feels you could use time alone. He doesn’t want to overwhelm you with support, and also might feel a little drained and discouraged if his efforts aren’t working, so he tries to keep a good balance of being there for you and backing off so he doesn’t exhaust the both of you. But he’ll be right there by your side again when he can see that you need it

Other possible matches: Minato, Obito, and Dan