Oooooo yas

Team 9 watches American Ninja Warrior. Gai introduced them to the show and they slowly became obsessed

Suigetsu would watch Always Sunny. It’s so dumb but he laughs so much. Kankuro also might be a fan

But of course, Kankuro likes those Skin Wars and Face Off shows

Kiba is into those classic cartoons. Samurai Jack and Codename Kids Next Door and all that, he loves it

Tobirama and Hashirama watch Suits or Dexter, specifically Tobirama though on the latter. Hashirama gets a little freaked out. Oh also Mr. Robot

Kakashi is a sucker for some classic Law & Order. Also likes Breaking Bad

Sakura and Ino watch any of the Housewives shows. It’s so bad and they swear it’s only for the drama, but they lowkey get into it. Sai by default started watching too, but he’s lost 80% of the time and doesn’t find the appeal. Shikamaru might also wander by and get into it because it’s just so dumb but so entertaining

Iruka went through a Supernatural phase but he lost track after like season 7 he doesn’t know when it’s gonna end no one knows

Itachi might like The Walking Dead or X files

For HxH hmmmm

Leorio really does like Grey’s Anatomy, he swears it’s for the medical stuff but the story and drama gets to him

Machi likes AHS. She knows it’s a little silly but it’s interesting. Coven is her favorite season

Shalnark likes House of Cards and Mr. Robot

Kurapika went through a phase where he was really into Sherlock

Chrollo, Feitan, and Phinks especially are into Game of Thrones. Most of the Troupe gets into it by default though

Killua likes Futurama