nah man i’m good, but thanks 

I should have known something like this would end up happening with that post, but I just kind of hoped that people wouldn’t be so ugly

My advice list wasn’t a call out post to anyone and it wasn’t meant to make anyone feel guilty or inadequate. As I put in most of my posts like that one, that’s how I run my blog, and people run theirs differently. Also, like I wrote at the beginning of that post, different blogs have different attributes that make them great. Not everyone should be the same, or needs to be. The fact that people are using that post, which was meant to be informative, to attack someone else and also claim that it might have been a call out post, is disappointing. I did mention examples of what I’ve seen from other blogs, but why would I use examples from a blog like this that I admire, knowing she’s also following me? To jump to that conclusion itself is stupid, but also suggests I’m petty and stupid enough to do that. That’s not what it was. Someone asked me for advice based on how I run my blog and I gave it. No one asked me to call out other blogs and list why those blogs in particular might be in the wrong, simply because they run their blog differently, which is perfectly fine, by the way. Like I said, people run their blogs the way they want to. That doesn’t make their blog inherently bad. I know my post definitely alluded to the way people might run their blogs in ways that I don’t personally find agreeable, but that doesn’t mean they can’t or shouldn’t. Easy to say, I know, but there is an unfollow button. For people who don’t like the way certain blogs operate, then just unfollow, rather than complaining and attacking. I hate having to make these posts because it’s just a reminder that people can be so mean, and obviously I hate discourse. I’m sorry this caused so much trouble. People need to stop. Just chill out, leave blogs alone, stop doing more harm than good