I match you with Szayelaporro and Kisuke!

Szayelaporro very much enjoys your intellect and strategic mind. It’s also great that you’re not dependent on him, which in his eyes, means you’re not clingy or high maintenance. That’s a plus in his book, it’s something he’d really need in a partner. As an Aquarius, an inquisitive and innovative mind will also entertain him. He’d like it if you asked him about his experiments, and though he wouldn’t exactly take kindly to you offering ideas and making suggestions, it gives him the chance to gauge your intellect, and only adds to his interest about you. Not one to indulge in humor, but he might like dark humor. He’s pretty twisted so he’d enjoy that. He’d like that you kept up with world affairs, it lets him know you’re eager for information and only attributes to that inquisitive nature that he likes. He’s pretty much absorbed in your intellect and search for knowledge, and definitely enjoys that darker side of you. It’s not often he finds people who enjoy manipulation and twisted strategies as much as he does, even among the Espada. Only thing he wouldn’t like is your dominance. In general, he’d be able to see that through your forward actions. He can overlook it sometimes, but he always has to be the dominant in any situation, so that could cause problems

Kisuke also admires your ability to strategize, though he’s not entirely on board with your tendency to manipulate and bring people down, mostly because he perceives it from cruel and malicious intentions. That being said, he might find it a little amusing. He might wonder whether or not you try to use those tactics on him, but he’s not gullible and will probably see past any of your attempts. Sometimes he’ll pretend to fall for your traps and manipulations, if only to amuse you. But for the most part, you’ll rarely ever get that to work on Kisuke. Which makes the relationship fun and stable, because he also knows your loyal and that you wouldn’t put him in jeopardy. I gave you two match ups because Kisuke will really adhere to the that loyalty and dependability, while still occasionally enjoying some of the “darker” aspects of your personality. And Kisuke can have a dark sense of humor too, though he has his limits. He’ll also present you with challenges, if that’s your fancy. Unlike Szayel, who won’t really entertain your manipulation and tricks out of a need to retain pride and make certain that you never get the better of him, Kisuke will explore it. Like I said, he’ll let you think that you have the upper hand, just for your sake

He’s also guilty of being a couch potato when he’s in the mood, but he wouldn’t mind if you dragged him outside every once in a while, but he still puts up a fight. That’s a challenge you’ll have to endure in the relationship

Other possible match ups: Luppi and Kurotsuchi