•Pretty quiet in terms of noises, but you know he’s a definite dirty talker. Might taunt his s/o about how wet/hard they are, how they’re tightening up every time he thrusts in, how submissive they look when they’re getting fucked

•Has a habit of pinching their nipples as hard as possible. Likes the little squeal they give out. Even better if his partner tries to hold it in, that way it’s more of a challenge. Anything he can do to remind his partner that he’s in control and that they can’t deny him is incredibly arousing 

•Likes this position. Can reach around and play with his partner’s nipples, or wrap a hand around their throat and choke them when he’s in the mood. Asphyxiation is definitely one of his kinks

•Of course, can’t keep his experimental endeavors outside of sex. He’s definitely the type to tie up his partner, keep them like that for hours and stimulate them, rubbing and stroking them, fingering them, but never letting them finish. Might even have them suck him off when he’s feeling particularly self-indulgent

•99.9% chance that he’ll never let his partner be on top or dominate. The idea of it is humiliating, and if it’s sex that he can’t control, it’s not sex he wants. Because of that, dom/sub play pretty much encompasses all aspects of sex that he’ll ever go through with. At most, he might have his partner rock back against him when he’s taking them from behind


•He gets jealous if his partner doesn’t acknowledge his intellect and skill. Obviously, more likely to occur when they mention or appraise someone else. They could make a little comment about how perceptive Ulquiorra is and Syazelapporo gets in these little shady, irritated moods

•He’d be like “Oh really? So you have your eye on Ulquiorra now?” and goes on about it even after his s/o denies it. Picking at their guilt and loyalty is definitely a go-to, and he just loves manipulating people tbh

•He’ll pretty much snake his way around jealousy, trying to manipulate his s/o into apologizing at some point and seeing the errors of their ways. He’s bitter the whole time though, it’s going to drive him crazy

•He’d refuse to think that jealousy stemmed from his insecurities. He’s a pretty confident guy, so it’s just a matter of whether or not the person who’s the cause of his jealousy might actually be more noteworthy than he is. For this reason, he’d probably steer his s/o away from as many people as he could, specifically the higher ranked Espada

•That’s a little conflicting for him, because while he hates when his s/o gives people attention, vice versa, others giving his s/o attention, boosts his ego. It makes him feel powerful and significant, so he’s never quite sure whether he should bask in the idea of others coveting his s/o at the risk of jealousy if his s/o returned that attention


usually I’d write more headcanons even if I’ve already written some, but since I already have 2 posts about Nnoitra nsfw, I’m going to skip out on this. Those posts are here and here


•Nnoitra is belligerent. No sense of subtlety. The moment jealousy grips him, he blows up and it’s impossible to calm him down. Especially if it’s by account of something that could be humiliating or demeaning, like his s/o flirting or getting comfortable with someone else 

•He might fume on his own for a little bit under the right circumstances, but it’s unlikely he’d sit back and wait. He’s extremely confrontational so the second he feels threatened and jealous, he’s going to do something about it

•He’s of course possessive, so if the incident that roused his jealousy is that significant, then he’ll probably pull his s/o out of the situation completely and lock them up in his room as punishment. Nnoitra’s pretty heavy on the intimidation factor when jealousy pertains to his s/o in particular. It’s his way of punishing them but also warning them not to do it again. Will reiterate over and over again that they’re his and that that they have no business messing around with anyone else

•Even if the jealousy wasn’t a direct cause of his s/o’s doing, he might still take it out on them. Rationality goes right over his head when he’s jealous, it’s best just to stay out of his way

•Any little incident that gets him jealous will stay with him forever, and while it doesn’t make him paranoid per se, it’s just easier to agitate him from then on. It could get to the point where he rarely lets his s/o talk to anyone because he’s certain it’ll lead to something that’s going to piss him off and get him jealous again

•Pretty much that type who doesn’t even like people looking at his s/o, it just fires his possessiveness